Kingston and St. Andrew ONLY. $500 -$800 based on location

Use our Credit Card

Use our credit card to shop if you do not have one. Customers must sign up
to LTN Express, in order to use this service.

Air Freight

Use your U.S address to utilize our air shipment service. Shop and Order from your
favourite online store and we’ll do the rest.

Freight Consolidation

If you have a business or simply prefer to purchase on high volumes,
deliver your pieces to our warehouse and we will get in to Jamaica for you.


Send us the address and will get it from “Ya’ad to Abroad”. Send us the consignee’s
name, address and Item description/invoice. We will take it from there!

Ocean Freight

Nothing is too heavy for us. We will have your: Less than container load, full
container load, (EH, E and D) container, barrels and more.


To clear any shipment, you need to have a licensed broker to clear it. As mandated by
the Jamaica Customs Agency, Customs brokers handle the clearance of goods on behalf of importers and
exporters. Being knowledgeable of government duties, licensing and other regulations, they are critical to the
speedy clearance of products.


If you are willing to start a business or may have already, you may contact us to
analyze the various routes to be taken to import and export your goods with smooth processes. We
want you to know your probabilities, risks and opportunities. Choose us to kick start your success.